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Exspeedite mobile trucking software provides everything that our trucking customers need so they can do business in an organized, efficient & easy to use.

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 ShippersExspeedite delivers essential fleet management software to both privately managed, or sub contracted resources.  3 PL ProvidersExspeedite’s transportation logistics resolutions for 3PL businesses and carrier organization deliver the essential analytics to get ahead.  BrokersExspeedite is able to provide trucking software for Freight Brokers, with wide-ranging uses available.  CarriersExspeedite’s transportation management software delivers the capabilities that are essential to both truckload and LTL trucking companies.

Exspeedite provides everything that our trucking customers need so they can do business in an organized, efficient, and easy to use way. We begin to work with our clients from the very beginning of evaluating where the client is currently at, to setting up our easy to use tools. Exspeedite is here to provide problem solving resources to give your company the freedom to focus on moving ahead toward success. We are the trucking software experts, and have seen plenty of glitches, and frustrations, enough to give us the knowledge and foresight to see where the problems are arising, and work through them so operations are free flowing, and creating the success that our clients are working for.

The Exspeedite team understands that different companies run in different ways. We have a broad array of partners that we work with to make sure that every customer has the data needed to streamline their business. We are always open to expanding our partnerships, and we value the relationships that we have with our current integration partners. For more than 15 years, the developers of Exspeedite have been fixing and optimizing transportation operation and software issues.

By fine tuning the exact needs of trucking companies, we have developed what we know is missing from most other trucking software products, in addition to keeping our technology up to date and...

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