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Express Waybill

Express Waybill trucking dispatch software is a container/trailer real-time dispatch & invoice system for trucking companies.Free iOS/Android app for drivers

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Innovative and Efficient Trucking Dispatch that's easy to understand at first sight!Easily manage your pending and dispatched (on the road) waybills. View available drivers, trucks & trailers. Update driver and truck/trailer & take appointment for each waybill. A movement is a part of the waybill route.

E. g. : from customer to your yard or from your yard to customer. Add & edit movements reasons.

Edit driver/truck/trailer per each movement. Search waybills by 12 search criteria including driver name, delivery date, P. O. number & container number.

Create invoices for your customers from your delivered waybills and keep track of your customer payments. Automated overdue notifications for you and your customers. Search your invoices by 8 search criteria including P. O.

number, waybill number, customer name and invoice dates. Address book for your customers, frequent route waypoints and users. Drivers, trucks, and trailers management. Executive Summaries & Reports.

Do you have more than one office?Express Waybill Trucking Dispatch works for multi-office companies. Do you need to try before you buy?No problem. We're offering a personal demo & free trialwith no hidden fees. Do you need technical support?Are you worried about your data?Express Waybill works for you:Our multi-service approach will empower Your Trucking Business.

If you are buying a license, we are offering you, completely free of charge, a company website that will fit your business goals and style. For the first year, the web hosting and the domain name are also free, so you can start right away. Go and make a good impression on your customers!We will help your business, solve your operation problems and save you money. Be more organized with your clients, billing and order management.

Solve your operational...

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