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Wholesale Distribution Software for Distributors. Management Software Systems has developed a complete wholesale distribution package which includes inventory management software that will give you control of your business. Thirty years of service to the wholesale industry writing software for distributors.

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e-DISTAC is complete wholesale distribution software for distributors. It contains a comprehensive suite consisting of Order Entry, Accounting, Customer Pricing and Inventory Management Software. All Modules seamlessly share information and all information being entered into the system is immediately available for anyone to use. e-DISTAC can easily handle a single company or multiple companies and each with one or more branches.

Each company and it's branches are able to access the same database at the same time without locking up. e-DISTAC will make you more efficient in all aspects of your business, but there are three proven tangible ways that will increase your profits. 1) The, easy to use, customer pricing system will allow you to make the most profit you can make off of every item you sell to every customer you sell it to. 2) The inventory management software system will make sure you buy more efficiently and only keep in stock what your customers need.

This will reduce your capital investment in inventory up to 20%. 3) There is no limit to how long you can maintain history information about what customers are buying and how well they are performing. By reviewing this information you will know how to set pricing and when it is necessary to create better relationships with customers. e-DISTAC can be delivered to you in two ways.

1) The Application Service Provider (ASP) option takes away the burden of maintaining your own server. We house large protected servers in our computer center and you log onto one of our servers using your PC's, printers and high speed Internet connection. We maintain the server, do all the hardware and file maintenance and take care of all the backups. 2) The conventional option is where you purchase the computer server and e-DISTAC software and you run the whole system in your site.

"e-DISTAC provides the most detailed and accurate...

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