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With multi feature enabled ecommerce shopping cart software from DucePlus, you can build a flexible solution for your online store which allows to handle products and deals through a single platform

How do they introduce themselves

The site displays all the products, deals clearly on the site. The presentation of the site is very attractive such that it retains the customers on the site. The site comes with a lucid theme which keep the customer engaged with the site. The navigation is user-friendly as well as intuitive to browse the site for locating the required product.

User gets all possible chances of purchasing the product at best price. Multi-merchandising keeps the site to be valuable among the customers. The site owner can start earning from day #1 by managing the products easily on the site. The admin can start building the site using the existing template to add products and deals.

User can download the software and run the software immediately to build the shopping cart with easy steps as instructed by the software. Business can be setup on the same day to earn from sale of products. The Duceplus application manages the inventory on the site robustly. Up-to-date stocks are reflected on the site which makes it easy for the site owners to manage the stock on site.

Since updates of stock is directly done online, the inventory management shows the exact quantity on hand. The minimum re-order level can also be monitored by the site which makes the site to be flawless for managing the inventory online. Duceplus makes it very simple to manage the contents on the site with WYSIWYG rich text editor. A fully featured website CMS builds the site in no time.

Managing the site is also very easy and user-friendly. The CMS provides full control over the navigation across the site and manages content design & layout prominently. The entire site is fully controllable by the admin who can manage a hassle-free business online. ....

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