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Digital Signage

Free Digital Signage for Everyone. Start using the free service right now. MediaSignage is the first company to offer advanced Digital Signage for FREE

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You know those TV screens you see installed in more & more public areas like stores, restaurants, above gas pumps, food menu boards & lots of other places. Well, that’s called Digital Signage. Build an amazing presentation on your PC and push it to unlimited number of remote screens, and all for FREE. So click on Get Started, open your FREE account & start using the world’s most popular Digital Signage platform! The mediaCLOUD includes dozens of smart components from social, blogs, weather, mobile integration, entertainment, database and more.

The smart components will turn your dumb screens into a super-sized smartphones with content that’s always relevant and an audience that goes – WOW… Learn moreUse the world most popular FREE Digital Signage platform to build an amazing presentation for your business and manage unlimited number of remote screens all for FREE, ready to be amazed?mediaSERVER 4 is the industry-leading platform for building private Digital Signage network that can operate across your LAN / WAN and the Web. mediaSERVER 4 enables you to stream your business-critical presentations confidently to meet your most demanding service level agreements, at the lowest TCO. mediaSERVER 4 powers fortune 500 companies, universities and large corporations. It is specifically designed to cater to large organizations that need an internally managed Digital Signage network that’s reliable and scalable.

Our Android based Digital Signage Players are powerful, dedicated, plug and play devices that are easy to install and simple to manage. Just plug the HDMI based device to the back of any screen you like, register it with your Studio’s user name and password and begin streaming your presentations across the web; it’s that simple. With the mediaCLOUD Enterprise edition you get...

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