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How can you drive B2B buying groups to agreement?Our Consensus™ technology delivers a personalized video experience to each new prospect. Then, as your prospect shares Consensus™ with other stakeholders, it automatically discovers each of their unique interests, and educates them in a personalized way. Automatically personalize video and documents to each stakeholder, so they can learn about your solution in the most relevant way. Discover who’s involved, and what’s important to each of them BEFORE you meet.

Deliver the Consensus™ experience using our integrations with your email, sales and marketing technologies. Who’s using CONSENSUS?What people are saying? “Using a tool like this to communicate our value proposition in a customized way makes the tide come in. And when the tide comes in, all of our tools run better . .

. If you’re looking for a way to provide a personalized demo experience to your user base like Impartner was, CONSENSUS is a great option for you. ”   “CONSENSUS (formerly DemoChimp) is great for connecting with those prospects that are hard to get in front of. Being able to know when they open a demonstration and what they’ve viewed is critical for me, and allows for a much more personalized approach.

”   “I watched the CONSENSUS demos and they struck a chord with me and my team. They were a perfect fit for what we needed and what we wanted to do . . .

When we implemented, we saw two to three times the number of views on the website than we’d ever seen in terms of people filling out forms on the ‘contact us’ page. ”   “At ConnectAndSell, CONSENSUS (formerly DemoChimp) helped us reach extreme sales velocity. By combining CONSENSUS' intelligent demo automation system with...

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