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datapine offers a lean Business Intelligence software that helps non-technical users to explore, visualize and share their data like never before.

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No matter what size your company is, analyzing information and visualizing the right KPIs is now easier and faster than ever. datapine's Software as a Service platform provides you all the power and flexibility you need to visualize your data in the most professional way. Contact us for more information. Create an AccountConnect your dataBecome a Data WizardYour data is stored in many different places and you haven't found a way yet to combine information and visualize it? datapine lets you merge different data sets on-the-fly without the need of restructuring your database or setting up a data warehouse.

Connect all your data sources and see beyond the numbers, discover new relationships and detect trends to take the guesswork out of your business decisions. Explore your data sets, visualize trends and patterns, build professional dashboards and dig deep into your data using the most inuitive user interface in the market. Whatever your requirement is, datapine provides you a unique experience when it comes to working with data. datapine provides you a wide range of sharing and presentation options.

Easily share your dashboards via URL, create scheduled reports or communicate directly to management, partners and clients using our Presentation Mode. Or go one step further and directly embed our dashboards in your own application. You have a limited time to interpret data and you need a clear view to prioritize your next move. You need advanced analytical functions to calculate your key metrics and visualize the results.

Have all your team's performance KPIs at hand and optimize your sales efficiency in a breeze. Your campaign was a hit and now you want to visualize and communicate the results that explain your success. Become a data wizard in less than 1 hour!Some companies still hesitate to put their data in the cloud and insist on in-house solutions. Which Business Intelligence strategy is...

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