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Founded by the creators of Apache Spark, Databricks makes big data analytics simple through an integrated workspace hosted as a service in the cloud.

How do they introduce themselves

Spin up and scale out clusters to hundreds of nodes and beyond with just a few clicks, without IT or DevOps. Easily harness the power of Apache® Spark™ for streaming, machine learning, graph processing, and more. Work interactively while automatically documenting your progress in notebooks — in R, Python, Scala, or SQL. Visualize data in just a few clicks, and use familiar tools like matplotlib, ggplot or d3.

Put new applications in production with one click by scheduling either notebooks or JARs. Monitor the progress of production jobs and set up automated alerts to notify you of changes. Seamlessly share notebooks, collaborate in the same code base, comment on each other’s work, and track activities. Build and articulate your findings in dashboards in a few clicks.

Set up dashboards to update automatically through jobs. Run your favorite BI tools or sophisticated third-party applications on Databricks. Seamlessly blend ETL, interactive queries, machine learning and streaming analytics using SQL, Python, Java, R, or Scala. Benefit from the most active open source project in big data with over 500+ contributors from 200+ organizations.

Built-in libraries for machine learning, graph computation and more to simplify development of data-driven applications. . @ApacheSpark use cases with @Intel - making solutions easier to deploy #SparkSummit https://t. co/hMKz4Os3PKA big thanks from @CapitalOne Chris D'Agostino to our own @rlgarris #SparkSummit https://t.

co/bFcsxM0dUZPerformance metrics from @CapitalOne solution using Databricks and Visallo #SparkSummit https://t. co/bHeZzkZxOvCredit card fraud ring detection with @Databricks and Visallo at @CapitalOne #SparkSummit https://t. co/ws6T7cEIpgDatabricks Inc. 160 Spear Street, 13th Floor San Francisco, CA 94105info@databricks.

com 1-866-330-0121© Databricks 2016. All rights reserved. ...

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