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Cost Genie

Industry leading food costing software for restaurant and bar owners all over the world. Reduce and manage your food costs quickly and easily. Free trial.

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RECIPE AND MENU COSTING SOFTWARE Want to increase your sales, lower your food and liquor costs while easily and accurately costing out your menus? if so, you are in the right place!Want to gain control of your kitchen with a standardized recipe file and better inventory control? If so, you are in the right place!Cost Genie 3. 5 Restaurant Recipe and Menu Costing Software is the answer. Easy to learn and easy to use, Cost Genie instantly takes the guess work out of costing your inventory, recipes, menus and catering events. And, to get you started, we’ll provide your new software with your inventory, menu items and 6-8 recipes already installed!Your costs on your food directly affect your bottom line, your profits.

If you don’t have a strong handle on your food costs every day you are losing money! This powerful software was developed by people who have been in the restaurant, food and bar industries for over 20 years and know from first hand experience the hard work and dedication it takes to run a successful restaurant or bar. This food costing software was designed for the restaurant or bar owner or manager. It is simple, fast easy to learn and easy to use. Do I really need software? Isn’t it pretty easy to figure out? Actually, yes, figuring out your food costs is actually not very difficult.

It is an easy formula. But running a restaurant or bar every day, 6 or 7 days a week is another story, this is why we have developed Cost Genie, the leading food costing software solution. Your costs on your food may change every week, sometimes every day, you must gain control over them in order to survive. The restaurant business is tough enough without trying to operate without knowing exactly what your food costs are and how to keep them to a minimum and still keep high quality menu items and recipes.

Cost Genie is easy to use, comes with free training, great support and currently has a...

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