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Corporate Munim

Corporate Munim is India's leading ERP Software Solution provider company. We offer ERP solutions for different industries like Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Engineering, Chemical, Textiles, Ginning and many more.

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Success!Error!No matter how great an IDEA is or no matter how huge resources a company can have; when it comes to business it is all about planning, strategizing, prioritizing followed by skilful execution. Thoughts, Views, Knowledge, Market Research and all such words are real tools for these activities. But as an organization, maximum utilization of such intellectual resources in of courses a challengeThe strongest and the most efficient approach in creating and maintaining relationships with customers is backbone of any successful business. It drives the business to new levels of success.

It is required for reputation management and new business generation both. But strong professional bonding with customers is not a childs play. Corporate Munim offers you the opportunity to handle your customer relationship management activities as per your nature of business and your requirement. From dispatch reminder to data analysis and from information storage to multiple contact opportunities, it provides that all you may need.

You can utilize it. The major role of Business Intelligence Systems is to present complex and competitive information by combining operational data with analytical tools. The planners and decision makers can have a clear view of the capabilities available in the company. It encompasses the major areas of business including market trends, future directions in the markets & technologies, the regulatory environment and actions of competitors as well.

With its inbuilt Business Intelligence System Corporate Munim ensures that you fetch all possible advantages and grow in particular market scenario. Inventory Management is one of the most crucial and complicated parts of business. There are examples of big companies failed in some of their projects or assignments due to lack of inventory management. Inventories are materials and supplies that a company carries either for supply to the...

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