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Core dna

A world class digital platform that allows businesses to deliver remarkable online experiences. See what Core dna can do for your business

How do they introduce themselves

Combine your digital properties in one easy-to-manage SaaS platform. Better organization, faster deployment, and stronger security. Core dna is a complete digital experience platform (DXP) that helps the marketing team build and optimize complex, dynamic websites with less code than ever before - all from a single login. Sure, it allows you to manage your Content, but it also provides a comprehensive suite of apps to manage digital Connections, Interactions, and Transactions.

Digital Manager Nintendo Australia “At Nintendo Australia, we have utilised Core dna system for over eight years to ensure stability and security of our online offerings and digital assets. We have found it to be a safe and trusted framework that has continually evolved with the times to support our increasingly growing online requirements. They host and support nintendo. com.

au and over 200 of our dedicated customer base's favourite product based websites, representing our brand well with a high quality service”Marketing DirectorTribeca Flashpoint College “I find Core dna to be a very intuitive, easy-to-use platform.  Core dna provides an ideal environment for day-to-day content management and site maintenance while remaining flexible and extensible for custom development. We are very pleased with the level of customer service we've experienced while working with the Core dna team. Each person with whom we've interacted is smart, savvy, friendly, and willing to go the extra mile to ensure great communication and quality results.

”Director and General ManagerRackspace Australia and New Zealand “Rackspace is proud to collaborate with Core dna; supporting their platform and global growth with Rackspace’s world class hybrid hosting environment, thought leadership and Fanatical Support®. Core dna aspires to transform the build and management of websites and...

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