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Clarity Grader

How great is your content and website? Try our website grader and readability test Tool. Try For Free!

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Score web content for clarity and readability. Instantly identify problem areas and begin fixing the issues. ​Get your free web content report and a 7 day FREE trial of ClarityGrader. comThis is a completely free no-obligation trial.

Find out how Clarity Grader can help you win and retain more clients!See how Clarity Grader can maximize all your web and digital content!Learn how to significantly improve your digital governance!One of the easiest ways to simplify web copy is by splitting long sentences. Try using bullet points or lists. If you use passive voice, you may have weaker, more complicated text. Avoid passive voice completely when writing instructions.

Equally, if you’re doing a whole site review, use ‘filtered’ scans to compare different sections of the site. For example, if doing a site review in a banking scenario, you might compare the ‘retail’ product pages with ‘business’. We scan the website. The analysis takes a couple of minutes.

Once complete, you will see a report ranking your site against a selection of well known sites. We base our ranking on language clarity metrics including; long sentence density, average sentence length, passive language density and readability. For example, in an insurance scenario, you might search for ‘customer’, ‘member’ and ‘client’. You may find these used inconsistently.

Marketing teams can use this to ensure consistent brand message, and dramatically cut manual review cycles. We flag complex and inconsistent language across websites. This eliminates tedious manual review cycles, saving marketing teams time and helping brand consistency. For Marketing, Governance and Publishing teams, our solutions increase customer engagement and conversion rates and make reviews 40% more efficient.

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