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Northern California Bicycle Retailer with locations in Redwood City (South of San Francisco) and Los Altos (North of San Jose). We feature a tremendous selection of road and mountain bikes and accessories from TREK, Bontrager, Giro, Bike Friday, Shimano, Pearl Izumi & more!

How do they introduce themselves


. THE BIKE YOU NEED. The world is full of hype, most of it focused on convincing us to buy what we want, not what we need. "New & Improved" is often yesterday's news in a new package.

 Cheap & full of features is the name of the game, and the fact that it, whatever it is, is disposable. . . well, that's just a given.

Someone who grew up in the 70s or 80s, buying their first large flat-screen TV 5 years ago, was probably shocked a few years later to discover that, when it stopped working, it wasn't worth fixing. Throw it away and buy a new one. That still makes no sense to me. It's no wonder our landfills our full of stuff that broke long before it had a chance to wear out.

You almost wonder if the constant focus on making you think your two year old phone is an embarassment is a way to get you to ditch the old one before it has a chance to fail. Well, pretty sure you don't have to wonder. Most stuff today isn't built to last because, if the manufacturer and salespeople do their job, it doesn't have to. What you used to buy every 5 years, when it wore out, you now buy every 2 years, when it goes out of fashion.

Fortunate for you, my brother Steve and I grew up long before this focus on cheap features and disposability became the norm. We've always had high expectations of how our suppliers should stand behind their product, and how we take care of that product for our customers. We have tossed major bike lines out of our store when they couldn't meet our standards (I still remember some years back Kestrel thinking we weren't serious, telling them to come in and pick up their bikes, because despite all the buzz their bikes were falling apart right & left at the time). So...

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