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New to BobyClock? Create an account to get started now. REGISTER NOW! Employees punch in/out from any specified location. Being that the system is web based, they do not need to install any software. Employees punch in/out using a username & password.

There is also the option to set a different time zone on each employee if necessary. 100% Real Time, thanks to the internet Works With All Computers: PC, Mac, Linux and any computer with an internet connection No messy software installations: simply go to our web site and sign on. The Manager can setup employees for employee time tracking and generate time hours calculator, display the time card, see who is in/out, edit time cards, print reports, manage account billing and much more. The manager has the ability to manage all aspects of their assigned employees, including editing and printing time cards.

Easy to install, and with a modern design, it is the perfect solution for all kinds of installations. It incorporates internal PoE for an enhanced cloud system solution. The color TFT display offers users easy menu management. The platform is based on uploading data on the web with more memory capacity and professional firmware functions such as Accrued Balance.

It can connect to Time & Attendance web software by Ethernet (optionally it can work by Wifi), and also operate on standalone mode, downloading data by USB pendrive. The main advantaje of those terminals compared with others on the maket is the PLUG AND PLAY capability. That means that it can connect to the web server imediatlly as it is connected to the network cable with the factory settings that it is preconfigured for your user account. ...

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Tested and also works woth biometric terminals on any location with internet access without any aditional software to be installed since the terminals are uplpoading the transactions to the server automatically.

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