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BlackMonk CMS is a web + mobile publishing solution that helps you easily create, manage and monetize: portals, magazines, newspapers, business directories, or online communities.

How do they introduce themselves

BlackMonk helps online publishers to create, manage & monetize portals, magazines, newspapers, business directories, or online communities. BlackMonk makes it easy for you to start your own online magazine, community website or web directory. BlackMonk has everything you need to create content, drive engagement and earn revenues. Let's explore BlackMonk!Manage content and track activityCustomize look and feelConfigure your website with easeGoogle services, social media feeds & moreUser activity and revenue reportsModerate users and manage staff permissionsCreate & publish multi-format contentDriving revenues through promotional services and affiliate programsBlackMonk supports a variety of content types like articles, pages, events, attractions, showtimes, bookmarks, and more.

Each content type has unique features, templates and user interface model. Customizable designs & intuitive workflows ensure an exceptional user experience. Convert passive content consumers into active content creators and cultivate a community around your content and brand. BlackMonk supports social & organic community development features like social sign-in, review & ratings, comments, forums, classifieds, content sharing & more.

BlackMonk has built-in features to help publishers generate more revenues. Monetize your community via premium classifieds, affiliate programs, deals and e-commerce. Offer your advertisers (big and small) a self-serve advertising platform that includes banner ads, advertorials, premium business and event listings, and more. Allow users to choose any device to interact with your site.

BlackMonk's responsive web design capability ensures consistent experiences across desktop, tablet & mobile devices. In addition to the web application, we also offer native mobile apps for both the iOS (iphone) and the Android platform. In addition to design, development &...

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