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Asset DB

Turning assets into savings

How do they introduce themselves

Asset DB® is a unique discovery and design toolset that delights both customers and the consultants that use it. Designed for Enterprise clients and suitable for SMB clients, it is flexible and scalable with powerful multilingual capability and algorithms that ensure data integrity. It allows the current and future states to be quickly analysed and communicated in a simply understood graphical interface. With seamless integration between floor plans and the underlying database, it speeds up data discovery by 4x and dramatically improves the overall project duration and hence time to benefits.

Included in the suite are web and thick clients, sophisticated total cost of ownership modelling engine, green calculator and a computer aided design environment. There are two options for reporting: a reporting module which uses variable logic to create machine customised reports or integration with NewField IT’s business intelligence platform, CompleteView. Asset DB® is our award winning, industry leading MPS / MCS discovery and design toolset. Presenting an intuitive floorplan based drag & drop visual interface, unique depth and detail of data collection for superior insight, TCO and Green reporting and future state design.

Read more…NewField IT’s innovative licensing model offering greater flexibility from one-client users through to the largest enterprises. The model bundles Asset DB WebSmart licenses for use on tablets and affords access to data using our analytics platform CompleteView. Read more…Asset DB WebSmart is our iPad and PC web browser version of Asset DB. Presenting an online drag & drop interface for smaller and remote audits, and project sign offs.

Read more…Over 500 years combined experience of printing and document management. More than 500,000 Print devices assessed to dateHeadquarters in London, offices in Paris, Amsterdam,...

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