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Try it Now Try it Now When we started AnyGuide, we saw that other booking solutions required expensive set-up, monthly and annual fees. Because the heart of our mission is to enable and grow local economies, we knew we needed to offer a simpler and more cost-effective service. So the question became, “How can we grow together?” Here’s how: For every booking paid online, we charge a 5. 5% service fee to guests.

The 5. 5% fee takes care of credit and debit card processing, 24/7 support for you and your guests, and unlimited use of our tools. It also fuels our ability to continue developing delightfully simple software. While most of our partners choose to pass this fee onto their guests, some choose to cover the fee themselves.

The choice is yours. The best part? Our 5. 5% pricing model ensures that you’re not paying for a service while you’re not using it. Maybe you’re off-season.

Maybe you’ve decided to go on an adventure in Africa. Whatever the reason, if your guests don’t book, we don’t charge. We think that’s the right thing to do. Questions? Feel free to reach out via live chat or email support@anyguide.

com. Scheduling • Online Payments • Invoices • Customer Support Annie Owner, SC Brew Cruz AnyGuide User “AnyGuide is really changing the way I think about my guiding. Unless I had an office, a secretary, and credit card machine system, I couldn't grow my company like I am now. You need a whole administration to do what AnyGuide offers for free.

” “Starting a new business is exciting —...

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