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We develop Analyse-it -- the unrivaled statistics software for in-depth statistical analysis and visualization in Excel.

How do they introduce themselves

Analyse-it brings powerful statistical analysis and data visualisation into Microsoft Excel. All the statistical analysis you need, in an application you already know. There's no locked-in file format. No need to transfer data from one system to another.

And no learning curve. Just the tools Excel is missing. The ones that make powerful analysis easier. The powerful statistical analysis you'd expect from an expensive statistics package.

Without the complexity or cost. Exceed your customers' expectations and keep them satisfied. With statistical process control and quality improvement tools. Meet regulatory compliance demands.

With comprehensive validation and verification of your analytical and diagnostic methods. All the power of Analyse-it, combining all the features of the other editions. There's no avoiding it - statistics is complicated. But that doesn't mean you should have to struggle with an unwieldy, hard to use application.

Analyse-it makes things easier, with:And at the same time, Analyse-it is capable of complex analysis built on the very latest best practices and using accurate algorithms – not simple techniques intended for hand calculation. So you can spend your brainpower where it counts - on your analysis and your findings. 25,000+The number of customers using Analyse-it, from business and industry to education. 4,000+The number of peer-reviewed articles in respected journals that cite Analyse-it.

105The number of countries where Analyse-it is used. Microsoft Excel isn't up to the job of statistical analysis. Its built-in functions just aren't built for accuracy. So we don't use a single one.

Instead, Analyse-it handles all of your calculations internally. Using reliable algorithms and IEEE 754 double floating point precision. And...

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