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Flash optimized, in-memory high performance NoSQL database & key-value store for mission critical apps requiring blazing speed, easy scaling, & no

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Modern apps for both startups and the Fortune 100 require a high performance database. Whether you are building new category defining apps or reimagining legacy apps to take advantage of more data for better outcomes, Aerospike is the only database that delivers both speed and scale. Aerospike’s key-value functionality goes way beyond a simple blob store. Developers can do atomic operations such as increment on counters and set a time-to-live (TTL) on a record, or do batch operations.

Key-value Store guideAerospike’s structured but schema-less, flexible data model supports strongly typed data for cross-language compatibility. Rows contain cells with strings, integers, blobs, lists, maps, and serialized objects. Data Model guideAerospike’s UDFs allow functions that are evaluated and executed on the cluster – decreasing network traffic. User Defined Functions guideAerospike can now store GeoJSON objects and execute various queries, allowing an application to track rapidly changing Geospatial objects or simply ask the question of “what’s near me”.

Internally, we use Google’s S2 library and geohashing to encode and index these points and regions. Geospatial Guide View Demo VideoAerospike’s aggregation system allows simple statistics and highly parallel map/reduce style computations. Aggregations guideAerospike’s integrated geographic replication system copies data among cluster nodes automatically and continuously – for internet scale and disaster-proof applications. Geographic replication manualWith demonstrated million transactions per second (TPS) per server performance, you can cut hardware costs or build larger scale applications.

Predictably, too. High PerformanceContains a storage engine purpose built for Flash. Modern Flash storage is less expensive than DRAM, supported in all cloud environments, and without the performance bottleneck....

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