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360 Spark

Custom 360 feedback provides senior leaders insight. 360 degree feedback through artificial intelligence.

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Insight from/about/for PeopleGet Your 360 ReportStudies Show that 360 reports are the most effective method of gainingpersonal insight into your performance, strengths and areas for growth. We providehigh-end executive 360 reviews through direct conversational interviews.  We collect 360 feedback through direct 1-1 conversations with those who know you best. This is no tick box exercise.

You get all the nuance and all the insight inherent in a custom, tailored approach. Our individually written reports are constructed with the best of art and science to give you actionable insight. We give you the knowledge you need to be your best self. We combine human and artificial intelligence to deliver that insight.

Using a third party to collect your data makes the feedback both less risky and less emotional for everyone. Your respondents get to the good stuff, and you hear their feedback more gently. More impact, less pain. It's a no-brainer.

Want to see a sample 360 report? Get a sample report from our custom 360 here:A personal report from us is a game changer. Click here to get your free sampleAll reports come with a completemnatry debrief session with an experienced coachGain common understanding of the ideas that shape usTogether we are making everything betterStart a Concept 360Gain consensus and accelerate anything by conducting a 360 on a strategy, an idea, an approach, or a product or service. Get the lay of the land quickly, painlessly, and accurately. Get the perspective you need to move forward fearlessly.

 The ProcessSimple, Accurate, and SafeIf you're brave enough and if you work with mature, accomplished people you can walk up to someone and say "hey, please tell me three things I'm really good at and three things I can improve on. " They'll recoil in horror, try to mask it, then when they work out you're serious...

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