Teradata studio is worth trying

If you’ve been working using Teradata SQL assitant, you might have noticed that not only the interface is kind of “old school” but the functionalities are also quite limited.

Changing the client interface is complicated, fine-tuning the colors used and finding the right balance between the colors can be tricky, auto-completion is not that fast if you have quite a huge data model.

Aside this poor user interface, teradata has also a whole set of sub softwares¬†aiming at making developers’ life easier, like fastLoad – which purpose is to make it easier to upload csv or excel files into a database. When you have multiple sources of data or would like to cross data between platforms, this kind of tool is great to achieve this task easily.

Teradata studio is worth trying precisely because of that: it embeds most of the functionalities one can find by using multiple softwares . You will be able to transfer tables very easily from one server to another. This is typically something you can’t do on Teradata SQL assistant, which is a shame. You can also on Teradata Studio use it to upload files into tables. You can also jump from one server to another which is extremely convenient and have access to a multitude of customization features to personalize your experience with this Teradata’s software.

The good thing is that you won’t have to use multiple softwares, but rather just focus on one single tool. This will make your life easier. Having everything embedded into one tool make you save quite a lot of time – especially given how confusing their documentation can be… Writing about that, the installation module definitely looks like a typical 90s user interface…

This tool also has a part designed for database management, which makes it quite complete compared to this multiple set of tools one can download “on demand”. So “back-end” guys and analysts can both use it as moving forward. If we have to install just one software from all the available collection, Teradata Studio would be undoubtedly this one.

On pure data analysis however, Teradata studio will be quite limited since some options haven’t been well-designed enough to be convenient for the end-user such as the answerset’s filtering : having to tick box every time you want to filter is actually a pain when all you want to do is to explore a data set and understand quickly and visually some patterns in your database. This looks stupid but it’s actually a major drawback if you spend 8 hours a day on data analysis.






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