I don’t know if you’ve ever noticed how hard finding the right software was. That’s right, there litteraly thousands of softwares exisiting on the market. When you think marketing software, then you have also thousands of software available depending on each speciality: lead retention, customer on-boarding, communication, customer relationship management and so on.

The list is just incredible.

This is the purpose of to help you find the right software for your needs. Our mission is very clear as you can see and we’ll stick to this one.

As moving forward, we’ll introduce new features, new improved search functionalities, comparision features… as bigger the comment you leave, advice, recommendations will grow, the more pertinent will be to you. This is why we need your help.

We need your help

If you think the concept is good, we’d love you to do two things.

Please comment as much as you can and leave your advice. We are sure you use every day plenty of professional softwares. As a consequence, you must have an advice, an experience, something to tell our readers and to share with them.

Leaving your comments is key: people like you will browse the net looking for this honest feedback which will help them too.

Second thing, we’d like you to share it. Share the website with your friends, community, colleagues, with the beardy guys in your IT department, with your marketing colleagues, even your boss or these old time buddies you barely meet but see every day on Facebook.

A big thanks to you. We love you. Enjoy the ride.

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